Democracy in Action!


  • Paperwork for township commissioner meetings now delivered electronically rather than door to door by police officers.
  • Agendas, minutes and rulings of zoning board are available on the Haverford Township website. Zoning and Planning Board Hearings now televised on Township's cable channel as well as YouTube.
  • Formalized process for filling vacancies on boards and commissions now open to all interested residents; all candidates (even incumbents) must submit resumes and be interviewed.
  • ​Renewed attention to the conditions of our parks and playgrounds. Approved a $2.5 million-dollar capital improvement budget for township parks (equipment, regular paving and infrastructure attention), e.g Paddock and Merwood. 
  • More effective liaison with the Library Board ​including appointment of qualified library board members to help guide the Library through a period of significant transition.    
  • Improved communication between the Board of Commissioners and School Board President.  This dialogue led to the agreement concerning the use of the old Brookline School as a site for a new library.
  • Advocated to invest township dollars in modernizing streetscapes, improving lighting, providing unmetered parking in small lots to give the township a more prosperous look that attracts business activity
  • Set environmental goals of 100% clean renewable electricity by 2035 and 100% renewable energy for heat and transportation by 2050.
  • Took the lead in making sure that the H-CAN report on racial bias and tensions in our schools was made available to the public.  Making inclusivity and social justice top priorities in our Township.
  • Increased the Township bond rating.
  • Created the Human Relations Commission.  



  • Making environmental progress not just an ideal goal, but a priority in future planning.  Consideration of Environmental goals with all purchases -- vehicles, trucks, equipment, lighting. 
  • Continued improvements in parks and playground.  Making it a line item in each year's budget.
  • ​Input on creation of a comprehensive plan for the first time in 30 years.  We need to define our goals for the Township going forward.
  • Focus on Business development.   Expand our existing tax base to help ease the burden on homeowners.  Smart business development within the existing neighborhoods around our 9 business districts which will take planning and a commitment to take a township wide look at what attracts business activity.
  • Rethink our zoning laws to maintain our community feel and meet the needs of businesses in 2019.   Take into account the changing needs for residents in 2019 including childcare options for toddlers and kindergarten age children and senior services.   
  • Build a library for the 21st century.  ​Seeing the value for the community in building a library that serves as a focal point for young families, school age children, and senior citizens. 
  • Bring another perspective and voice to decision making by electing women to serve on the board which is currently made up of 9 men. Giving voice to all residents of Haverford Township and celebrating diversity to create a welcoming environment throughout our Township.
  • Increase walkability within the township.
  • Continue to increase the trail system within the Township.
  • Increase use of bike lanes.
  • Address issues of SEPTA parking at Township stations recognizing the inherent property value and environmental benefits of having easy access to public transportation.  
  • Address awareness of the opioid epidemic and support residents suffering from the disease.
  • Address increasing storm water management issues throughout the Township.
  • Work with our state representatives to support progressive values, increased funding for infrastructure improvements, and increased public school funding.
  • Continue to increase transparency in how and why the Township operates.
  • Create “Responsible Contractor” requirements for all Township projects recognizing the value in using union labor both in terms of quality of workmanship and benefit to our residents.
  • Increase the Township bond rating to AAA. 
  • Haverford Township redistricting following the 2020 census.